10 Modern Dental Practice Design Ideas For 2022

A dental clinic is a place that should be clean, hygienic, and, most importantly, welcoming. These days, every modern dental clinic design is finalised after thorough planning to make it more hospitable and customer-friendly. This requires great expertise and supervision from an experienced dental clinic refurbishment specialist who can make the clinic look more classy and inviting. Everything demands the attention of a dental clinic design expert, from layout to wall colour and furniture. 

Let us look at 10 of the most important aspects considered while conceptualising the modern dental clinic design. 

Right Colour: These days, pastels and bright colours (orange, blue, greens, etc.) are popular. Bright white walls are every designer’s favourite as it reflects positivity all around and adds to the energy of the surroundings.

Lighting Fixtures: Illuminating spaces with modern lighting fixtures set the atmosphere just right for the visitors at the dental clinic. Areas like reception and waiting areas for example, encourage people’s involvement if they have dramatic lighting patterns.

Planters & Bamboo: Nowadays, dental clinic interior design is incomplete without green plants and some lucky bamboo setups. There are special succulents, exotic plant breeds, and air purifying plants, which add to the clinic’s opulence.  

Bold Metallic Wall Accents: Lately, the dental clinic interior design plan has been incomplete without bold and metallic wall accents that are now used for branding purposes.

Entertainment Zone: Nobody likes waiting, but at the dental clinic, it’s mandatory sometimes. So one has to make sure to add entertainment value to the waiting time. Gone are the days where we kept magazines and newspapers. Now, there are LED TV and other digital media entertainment options available.      

Snack Area: In modern dental clinics, one will find a small corner with a coffee brewing machine and snacks and drinks kiosk. Also, if space allows, there is a seating arrangement as well.

Designer Reception: Dental clinic reception no longer looks like a regular office entrance. They look like high-end corporate offices. A lot of experiments with colour, designs and furniture are being done. Chairs are plush and comfortable, and the accent furniture is also modern.  

Basin or Washroom: The basins and fittings used in the cleaning and washroom areas are upgraded to be best in terms of looks.

Open Floor Treatment Zone: Sitting in closed cabins and watching the roof adds to the panic of dental patients, so open areas are being set up these days.

Kids-friendly Interiors: These days, special arrangements are made to attract young visitors to the dental clinic. A unique play zone, wall paintings, toys, crafts, etc., are being installed and set out at modern dental clinics.

These are some of the most relevant and popular suggestions. If you are planning to give your dental clinic a modern look, you can connect with the leading dental surgery contractors in London today.