5 Steps To A Better Dental Clinic Layout

A dental practice’s design should be such that it makes everyone’s jobs easier and allows everyone to work efficiently. However, you cannot be an expert in everything, and it is possible for you to overlook various vital aspects while designing the practice by yourself.

It becomes important to take professional advice while coming up with the layout and design of your dental clinic. That being said, there are a few key aspects you should keep in mind when it comes to designing your space. In the guide below, let’s discuss these five vital tips for a better dental practice layout.

The Surgery Layout

While it is vital to consider all the areas of your medical practice, including the waiting room and reception, It is most important to keep the layout in mind while designing the clinic’s surgery. Generally, you can choose between an L shape and a U shape layout. It is also important for you to consider whether you’re a left-handed or right-handed dentist. That’s because your practice’s shape and equipment positioning will take place accordingly.

L Shape Layout

The L shape layout is commonly used among dentists. Your dental chair will face towards the L-shaped inner corner in this setup. It works best for space that are small because it maximises space and makes it highly functional. This layout also offers ample storage space.

U Shape Layout

If the room size is big, it’ll be better for you to go with the U shape layout. Here, you get more space for storage; it is also suitable for practices that require an ambidextrous design, meaning that both left-handed and right-handed dentists will share that surgery. Two sinks can also fit in the U shape layout.

Good Lighting

Your practice needs to be well-lit. You should try to get maximum natural light in practice. Thus you should ensure that your practice has big windows. Lights specially made for dental clinics try to imitate natural light, so having natural light in practice will be your best bet.

However, if you cannot figure out a way to get natural light, you’ll need to get ambient and task lighting. This will ensure that your practice has appropriate light and your patients feel comfortable.

Electrical Aspects

It would be best if you had ample electrical sockets throughout the practice. You need to consider their placement in the surgery, as well as you’ll be needing them to use various electric dental tools. Plumbing and other such services also need to be considered. The tricky part is to ensure the correct placement of these things.

A Hygienic Flooring

Your practice’s flooring will also play an important role. You need to ensure that your flooring has easy maintenance and is hygienic & durable. Your flooring will have to fall in line with hygiene standards. Commercial-grade laminate is the most popular flooring type used by all kinds of medical practices.

Overall Look & Feel

A medical practice gives a nice feel when it looks clean, professional, and modern. It would help if you considered the aesthetics of your practice to ensure your patients feel good and comfortable while visiting you.

You cannot overlook this factor, as you’ll end up making your practice have a clinical vibe. You should select a nice colour palette for your practice, and you should also add various modern and sleek elements to add to its look.

While the look and feel don’t hold the utmost importance, you should ensure that it looks better.

Wrapping it Up

Now you know the key aspects you must consider while designing your dental practice layout. These five tips will help you make smarter decisions and ensure that the result is an efficient clinic.

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