6 Designing Tips Your Dental Clinic Can Use To Make Your Staff Feel Good

Recently, the ongoing pandemic situation has made working conditions challenging. The levels of stress and exertion have started affecting physiologically, resulting in reduced work efficiency. 

The well-being of dental clinic staff should be considered while finalising the dental clinic interior design plan. One can create a sea of change in the working environment of staff with just a few tweaks in the existing setup.

Bring in some sunshine

No one can question the importance of natural light/sunlight inside the working spaces. Exposure to sunlight helps in improving the circadian rhythms, production of Vitamin D and hormone balance. All this will result in better physical and physiological well-being. So, add big glass windows to welcome natural light, making employees happier with sunshine.

Circadian/mimic lighting

When natural light sources can’t be utilised for any reason, we can still have a new solution to it – Circadian Lightening. Of late, this option is gaining fast popularity in dental clinic interior design. These are designed to help the human brain function better by impacting the biological circadian system. This comes highly recommended to add this in your dental clinic interior design plan.

Open spaces with better ventilation

Sitting inside an enclosed cabin/room can lead to behavioural disorders. So, always make sure to add a vent for fresh air, which will bring positive energy to the staff members. Also, make sure that the ventilation of the clinic is maintained well.

Add Biophilia effect

As per the Biophilia hypothesis, humans have an inbuilt tendency to connect with nature and its forms. This ultimately works as a therapy for them. Add natural materials to the employees’ working area like wood, granite, marble, plantation, water fountains, and aquariums. All these will bring the calming property of nature. The use of earthy tones in the interior design like natural greens or ocean and sky blue also transform the working area in a good way.

Staff room facility

A caring employer always gives importance to the comfort and well-being of their employees. So, having a special room and area for them to sit, relax, or even take a small nap (when required) can do wonders. While designing a staff room, make sure to add comfortable seating.

Air Purifiers

Air quality inside the dental clinic has to be monitored all the time. It is crucial to have a pollution-free atmosphere for both the patients and the employees. So, installing an air-purifying unit is a must. One can also add a few air-purifying plants. So, if you are planning to design or redesign your dental clinic, make sure to implement the above suggestions in your dental clinic interior design plan and see the increase in your staff’s happiness quotient.