Dental Clinic Design: Putting Your Patients First

Looking for an effective dental clinic design? We are here to help. We understand that you may want a design that is functionally stable and well-equipped; and at the same time, your patients may want a clean and comfortable atmosphere and setting. It is important to have a balance between the two and we’ll help you create that balance in your clinic.

If you’re an associate dentist looking to take control of your future by opening a dental squat practice, we can help you plan the perfect dental surgery fit out. Opening up a squat practice can be challenging, but we can offer solutions to most of your challenges, from start to finish. This includes initial surveys, design, construction, equipment acquisition and even the CQC approval process. 

So, whether you are opening up a new clinic or wanting to update the existing look and feel of your dental surgery, it’s important for your dental practice design to be an efficient one. Your practice should have the best dental equipment and storage along with a well thought of dental clinic layout that allows an efficient workflow. We’ll work with you to plan and create a design that enhances both the practice as well as its function as a business.

Dental Surgery Design Elements

All dental fitouts are unique, but some universal principles apply to almost every practice, perhaps including your own. We consider these four main elements when designing a dental surgery.

  • A calming colour scheme and lighting
  • Technology
  • Practicality and space
  • Comfort and relaxation

Calming Colour Scheme and Lighting

It’s common for patients to feel nervous or apprehensive whilst visiting the dental office. As a result, our dental clinic interior design ideas centre around a calm and tranquil atmosphere that helps your patients feel relaxed. Our choice of pastel shades and colours that occur in nature helps convey tranquillity. While bright colours and statement walls can be tempting, a natural colour scheme alongside natural materials such as wood and leather will help keep your patients at ease. 

We believe lighting should be soothing and create harmony with the colour scheme. It helps the mind to relax. We always attempt to create a design that utilises natural light and has just the right number of windows. We also make sure that the treatment room(s) have ambient lighting and that there are no shadows or dark areas.

Use of Latest Technology

Like everything else, dentistry too is going through digital development. Refurbishing your dental clinic gives you the perfect opportunity to consider the technology you employ. We’ll help you ensure that everything is up-to-date and your practice is equipped with the latest dental technology. We will create a modern dental clinic design by arranging high-quality equipment – be it contemporary dental surgery cabinets, ergonomic dental chairs or touch screens at reception. This will lead to your patients putting their trust more readily in your services. 

Practicality and Space

Designing the most efficient floor plan is one of the expertise of our highly-skilled designers. We lay the groundwork and come up with a floor plan that ensures effective use of the available space. For instance, we understand that your patients should feel welcomed and comfortable when they visit your practice and are waiting for their appointment. This makes the reception area and waiting room pretty essential and therefore, need to have adequate space. Moreover, we make sure that your consulting rooms conform to dental clinic design standards and provide you with a practical space that has everything placed to your convenience. 

Comfort and Relaxation

As with your colour scheme and lighting, other design elements in your practice should reflect calmness and tranquillity will help you implement a dental clinic furniture design that lets your patients feel relaxed. We can uphold this mood by incorporating other design ideas such as curved walls or partitions as well as indoor plants to reduce anxiety.

Things We Consider Whilst Implementing a Dental Practice Design?

Once the site surveys and initial discussions have been carried out, we draw up a dental clinic interior design plan that is mutually agreed upon, we then move on to implementing the plan. Here are things that we always keep in consideration during the process:

  • As soon as the project is underway, a dedicated project manager is assigned to you, who will keep you updated on the progress and will serve as your single point of contact.
  • Our project managers are especially good at foreseeing any extra costs. This way they will help you tackle hidden costs effectively.  
  • In the case of dental refurbishment projects, we ensure minimum disruption to your clinic. It lets you carry on with your business as usual as far as you can.
  • We implement all the design aspects such as clinical equipment and consulting room layouts in line with the relevant legislation and guidelines. We also ensure that you have all the required permissions if you are working with a listed building.
  • We make certain that all the design implements are long-lasting and easy to maintain.
  • Once the implementation is completed, we thoroughly check that your new dental clinic looks and functions exactly as described in the original brief.

A Dental Surgery Contractor That You Can Count On

Whether you are looking to design your dental practice design or refurbish your existing one, our ultimate aim is to offer results that meet your expectations. We work hard to create an innovative design that can go a long way to contribute to the success of your practice. 

We are an experienced dental clinic design specialist whose ideas you can confidently have trust in. We promise to put our best foot forward so that you see a return on this investment in the form of happier patients and increased turnover for your dental clinic.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation site survey and design consultation today.