Designing A Dental Practice Reception And Waiting Room

The reception area is a core element of the patient’s appointment and overall experience of a dental practice. Patients will appraise your office based on the waiting area, which is a representation of the entire facility. Designing a waiting area that captures the essence of your clinic and the patient experience is essential.

Make your waiting area more interesting by adding some entertainment. Ensure that your patients like your waiting area to provide them with the finest possible start to their visit with you. After all, much like a smile – first impressions count.

By utilising the area, you have available and adopting some of these ideas, you may achieve the right balance between displaying your brand and calming your patients.

Creating A Patient-centred Dental Clinic

Your staff play a crucial part in establishing an appealing waiting area, beginning with a friendly, timely greeting for each patient. It’s helpful to ensure a member of staff is available at the front desk at all times, especially during the busiest lunchtime hours, to check on patients coming in and respond to enquiries.

Some people seem to dislike visiting the dentist because they may be suffering from a toothache and fear that the diagnosis may include surgery. Even though they are just waiting for a short while, this may seem like a very long time in a simple setting, especially if the sitting is uncomfortable. Expected waiting times may seem shortened by finding components that provide a more friendly, comfortable, and delightful waiting experience.

Knowing when to expect to be seen will be appreciated by the patients. Have your staff call patients who have not yet come if there are several delays. Specify a time for them to arrive later or reschedule their appointments for a different day. Also, for the patients who are already on-site, thank them for their patience with complimentary gifts/dental-related samples. It’s a small yet meaningful action that can have a great impact.

Make Your Waiting Area More Interesting By Adding Some Entertainment.

Make it personalised. You may put up images of your staff and write a brief bio about each. As a result, your patients may feel much more comfortable and the experience becomes more personal.

Make WIFI accessible while promoting your website and social media accounts on posters. In order to receive promotions, encourage individuals to check in on Facebook. If they’re visiting with children, take an Instagram selfie with them while they’re sitting in the dentist’s chair. Social media is an excellent marketing tool for dentists that should not be overlooked. Social media is a wonderful dental marketing strategy that should not be overlooked. Keep magazines regularly and up to date. Provide phone charging stations and Wi-Fi connectivity to keep the patient occupied. 

Interior Layout

If there is enough space, divide your waiting rooms into zones as individuals like to sit as far away from each other as possible. Fit the bright yet warm light that maintains that area bright and open while still being welcome and comforting. Set up a play area with toys for kids.

In order to introduce colour and light to the area (if you have the space), you could also add a fish tank or aquarium. Since they not only have a pleasing appearance but help ease tension, lower blood pressure, and even relieve pain. You may also play soothing music to boost the atmosphere in your reception area. 

Branding At The Reception Desk

Utilise your dentist’s waiting room. This is a wonderful spot to spread the word about your practice’s offerings, especially elective treatments like tooth whitening, clear aligners etc. The posters may be displayed on wall surfaces, doorways, and windows.

  •  At the reception desk, point of sale boards and counter cards can be set in a way that patients will see them when checking in or making payments for their services.
  • Floor length banners should be placed in vacant, under-utilised places. A high-tech atmosphere may be created in your clinic by placing monitors in the waiting room.

· Colour Combination

Customers should immediately feel at home when they walk into the office. One of the major objectives of the dental clinic is to ease patients’ emotions of fear by using soothing colours rather than exciting ones. 

·         Adding A Natural Touch

Nature is the ultimate medication for any condition. Add a small touch of nature to the decor to make your dental environment welcoming and memorable.

Enhance the environment with natural pastel colours and air-purifying plants. The use of wood and soft colours in your dental clinic’s interior design gives the room a warmer feel. To give the area more vitality, you may also build up a tiny water foundation with flowing water. 

·         Give The Elders Due Consideration

Elderly patients may require certain adjustments to the physical comforts and amenities of your office. Make sure the flooring is not slippery and give sturdy, comfortable and standard height chairs with arms. 

High Level Of Cleanliness 

The first thing that happens whenever a patient enters a dental practice is that they are greeted in the reception area by the receptionist. They may take a quick look around to see how tidy and organised the place is. A clean, tidy workplace environment may indicate how concerned your dentist is about maintaining the dental practice. 

Your number one priority is the patients and staff; however, you also want the room to seem safe and friendly to patients. A clean and well-organized atmosphere creates the finest first impression and aids with retention. Extreme cleanliness must be maintained in all areas that are not in use. In today’s extremely competitive industry, pleasing patients is more crucial than ever. 

Advance your cleaning techniques. Use this quick checklist to take care of the dental practice’s top five cleaning priorities. 

1. Frequently sanitize high-touch areas

2. Keep the restroom clean

3. Organise and maintain the reception area

4. Dust surfaces, especially those that are not in use

5. Ensure that your disinfection practices are in accordance with industry requirements. 


The interior design of a dental office is not just about aesthetics, but also about creating an inviting and comfortable environment for patients and staff. The architectural design of a dental office provides appealing features that help patients feel comfortable and safe during their dental visits.

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