How Can We Help You Create Your Ideal Surgery

A dental clinic is a place that helps to correct and or enhance the smile of people. That’s probably why dental practitioners are always conscious about the look and feel of their clinics and surgery centres. It all begins with proper consultation and conceptualization.

However, it’s a specialized job which requires hiring a specialist with expertise in designing modern dental surgery setups.

In this article, we Dental Surgery Specialists, will let you understand what goes behind creating an ideal dental surgery setup and how we can help you.

Stepwise Approach For Creating a Modern Dental Clinic Setup

Initial Consultation

First, we will start with a discussion come consultation meeting with you to understand your exact requirement.

After all, it’s the question of your image, reflected through your clinic, which will go a long way in establishing your practice.

The purpose is to understand your inputs and suggest possible options to reach a consensus and proceed. This also ensures that we are on the same page for everything.

Planning & Design

Post consultation, we work towards planning and designing the layout for your squat dental surgery setup. Every aspect is taken into consideration by our team of professionals.

For this, our professionals conduct site inspections and prepare accurate drawings. In addition, the team employs its expertise in determining the scope for future extension and development to help you stay in control of things.

This step is quite important as it enables you to see the structure of your setup based on which actual construction takes place.

Construction Phase

The third and most crucial phase is the construction which brings the concept to reality. It requires the contribution of our entire team that ensures the designated contractors, from equipment suppliers to furniture suppliers, are handled efficiently, backed by concepts, techniques, and procedures.

In addition, the team ensures that every material used in construction is of superior quality, cost-efficient and adheres to desired standards.

Our team will be at your side at every stage to ensure your project is handled efficiently. The team will cover the following:

  • Dental clinic site surveys & space planning
  • Planning and building control approvals
  • Concepts and modern dental clinic layouts design
  • Full project management (fit-outs, complete surgery fit-outs, reception areas)
  • Construction and implementation
  • Decontamination rooms
  • CQC & HTM 01-05

We can also renovate your dental setup if you wish to continue your dental practice. We make every effort to keep all areas safe, allowing employees to go about daily business confidently.

All high-pitched work is carried out after hours and on weekends whenever possible to maintain a productive working environment.

Employing our knowledgeable designers and planners is recommended for several reasons. First, we have the experience of leading any dental clinic project with complete efficiency and proven strategies.

From the initial design concepts and difficulties to the final dental clinic design components, we can take care of everything to make your dental set up a comfortable place for your patients.

In addition to the basic works, we undertake other necessary works, including:

  • Builder’s work
  • Radiation shielding
  • Safety flooring with cove stand-ups
  • Interior/exterior lighting
  • Network cabling
  • Electrical and plumbing works
  • Decoration, carpentry and plastering
  • Internal fire doors
  • Glass & stud partition walls
  • Clinic front/elevation
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Worktops with cove stands
  • Medical taps and sinks
  • Cabinetry
  • Ceilings
  • Signage and graphics
  • HVAC systems

Some providers are known to quote you a price per square metre, which is often incorrect. Several factors, including the kind of structure and the quality of finishes and standards, can influence the cost of the fit-out.

Our strategy is to treat each site as a distinct entity and price each element accordingly. So, throughout the fit-out process, there won’t be unpleasant surprises.

Irrespective of how big or small your dental clinic setup is, we can handle it. We have the capability and flexibility to manage significant contracts and more extensive renovations while performing small-scale decorative tasks. Whatever your needs may be, we are confident that we can meet them.

We work hard to offer custom dental practice renovations in London, and the surrounding areas, as every dental business is different.

We customize them to match your clinic’s particular requirements to avoid imposing any generic concepts on your area.

We’re always willing to discuss ideas with you and make changes before we put them into practice.

Based in Harrow, we, Dental Surgery, are one of the UK’s leading specialists in designing dental clinics and offices.  We bring over 25 years’ experience in providing refurbishment solutions, from concept to design and execution. For more information, contact us today!