“Precaution is always better than the cure” – this saying works better when implemented, as it saves our most precious Time, Money & Energy. The modern dental clinic design demands a lot of investment for implementation. Thus, it is crucial to keep a hawk’s eye on the dental practice set up maintenance.

“Don’t fix it until it’s completely damaged” – such an attitude is now a passé. We should be proactive in looking after the functioning and working of our dental clinic. Be it electrical fittings, wires, floors, ceiling fixtures, water taps, sanitation, walls, furniture, every small detail has to be monitored regularly to avoid unwanted breakdowns.

There are many advantages to having a proactive approach for the maintenance of dental clinic layouts. Read on to know more.

Increases assets’ lifespan

A well-maintained facility will indeed have a better lifespan. Regular wear and tear is a natural process but leaving it unattended causes more significant losses. So treat your dental practice space as an asset and take care of minor damages seriously. We can avert major breakdowns if we fix them at the right time.

Reduces breakdowns and downtime

Monthly preventive maintenance is a fantastic initiative to be taken. Most machines and electrical appliances at the dental clinic need regular check-ups and added care to increase the running efficiencies. The OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) has to be maintained to keep things going smoothly. This way, one can also avoid unpredicted downtimes in a big way.

Avoid emergencies

The electrical fittings, wires and equipment can be doubly harmful if not maintained well. There are many mishaps at dental clinics due to things like short circuits, which could cause bigger issues – always keep a regular check and change fittings, if required. Sometimes saving a little money can lead to more enormous losses.

Boosts organisation’s image

Imagine visitors’ reaction when they see patchy walls, damp ceilings or worn-out floorings. They will immediately form a mental image that is undoubtedly not favourable for the dental practitioner. So make sure to create a welcoming ambience for creating a positive impression that also boosts customer satisfaction.

A safe & healthy environment

Regular cleaning, removing dust etc., is very much a part of preventative maintenance. Clean and hygienic surroundings are safe for visitors and staff of the dental clinic.

Saves magical trio – time, money & energy

Last but not least, one of the ultimate benefits of preventive maintenance is saving the magical trio – Time, Money & Energy. It is proven that unplanned and emergency maintenance costs 5-8 times more than the regular and planned ones. Also, the losses of complete breakdown are much more significant.

To conclude, it’s always wiser to keep your dental clinic setup operations smooth with little regular maintenance and live a hassle-free life.