Ways to Carryout a Sustainable and Eco-friendly Dental Clinic Design

Global climate change is one of the gravest concerns that humanity faces today. It is therefore imperative for all businesses, regardless of the sector, to act responsibly and take steps, big or small, towards environmental sustainability. So, if you too, as a dental health care provider, want to do your bit, then a dental clinic design that is eco-friendly and sustainable is worth considering.

Here we are going to discuss how you can plan a modern dental clinic design that is environmental-friendly and sustainable. But let’s first understand how we can incorporate sustainability in building design, fit out and refurbishments.

Understanding Sustainability in building and design

Today, there are many options to incorporate sustainability in building and design. The types of materials used, utilizing renewable sources, optimum usage of energy and water, and many other factors can contribute to a more sustainable design for your dental clinic.

As well as minimizing the impact on the environment, an eco-friendly design can also give your business a considerable boost. It enhances your goodwill, boosts your asset value for the future, reduces your running cost and can enhance staff productivity too.

So, now you might have understood how sustainability can be incorporated into building and design and how it can add value to your brand. We at Dental Surgery Refurbishment are one of the leading dental clinic fit out and refurbishment companies in London. We have substantial experience and expertise in incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly dental clinic design ideas. So here, we have identified some of the ways to plan an environmental-friendly dental clinic interior.

1. Utilising Daylight to the Fullest

The advantage of making the most of daylight in your clinic design is apparent. By installing large glass windows, skylights and glass doors wherever possible, you can considerably reduce the usage of artificial lights during the daytime. This way you can save a reasonable amount on your power bill. Moreover, natural light creates a positive and welcoming ambience for you, your staff and your patients as well. This enhances productivity and the patients may feel calmer and more comfortable.

2. Making Efficient Use of Energy

Making efficient use of power is quite important under any circumstances. Minimising or optimising the use of electricity at your clinic can help you do your bit towards environmental sustainability. You can save energy by simply using cleaner alternatives. For example, if you own your premises, you can install solar panels to power your clinic.

As well as using cleaner alternatives, you can also make use of smart appliances like smart plugs, lights, fans, etc. or you can install a full-fledged smart hub at your premises. The main advantage of using smart appliances is that you can effectively minimise your power consumption. For example, when not in use, automated lights turn off or you can control your air conditioning unit from anywhere remotely. Moreover, you can monitor and manage the energy consumption of these appliances using a simple dedicated application on your smartphone.

We at Dental Surgery Refurbishment can create a dental clinic interior design plan for you that includes all such energy-efficient solutions.

3. Using Recycled And Sustainable Materials

Nowadays, most of the building and design materials are available in eco-friendly variants. For example, you can always consider the installation of linoleum flooring. Linoleum flooring is an eco-friendly alternative to regular vinyl flooring. It is comparatively more durable and affordable. You can also make use of environmentally friendly cabinetry without added urea-formaldehyde. You can use paint that does not contain Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and can choose to install biodegradable ceiling and wall panels too.

Besides using materials of eco-friendly variants, using recycled materials for your dental fit out can also be beneficial. You can get your clinic designed keeping “recycle the big five: aluminium, glass, steel, plastic and paper” in mind. You can also get your furniture made from recycled or reclaimed wood.

This way using greener and recyclable or reusable alternatives can greatly reduce the environmental impact that your clinic can pose.

So, these are some of the efficient ways by which you can plan your dental clinic layout that is sustainable and eco-friendly. Along with these, you can take additional steps like using recycled construction materials, eliminating unnecessary use of electronics, using LCD screens instead of CRT ones, etc.

We at Dental Surgery Refurbishment are one of the most trusted and reputable dental surgery contractors in London and nearby areas. We can help you with a bespoke dental clinic design plan that perfectly matches your environmentally friendly approach and requirements. We carry out all our dental fit outs and refurbishment works in compliance with the latest dental clinic design standards and guidelines.

So, if it is an experienced and trustworthy dental surgery specialist contractor that you are looking for, contact us today. We ensure that you will not be disappointed.